Arkansas Newspapers

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Printed in Little Rock Arkansas, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is their newspaper of record. It is published in Lowell and distributed in seventy five counties. The newspaper was founded in 1819 and claims to be the oldest published newspaper west of the Mississippi River. The first newspaper was printed on a second-hand wooden press. The Gazette was in the forefront of leading the campaign for Arkansas statehood in 1836. The newspaper actually failed for a short time but later regained control. The Gazette and the Democrat, before they were combined, spent many years warring with words, and sometimes escalated into gunfire. The Gazette was briefly sold to Gannett in 1986, but then it was sold it is rival, the Democrat, in 1991. Since the merger, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has maintained higher circulation than any other similar sized cities. Critics of the Democrat-Gazette believe that the newspaper is more conservative than the Little Rock subscriber base.

Baxter Bulletin

The Baxter Bulletin is the daily newspaper serving Mountain Home, Arkansas and Baxter County, Arkansas, and surrounding areas. It is the sole newspaper in Arkansas owned by Gannett, following a late 1991 sale by the company of the Little Rock-based Arkansas Gazette. The current publisher is Betty Smith and the current editor of the Baxter Bulletin is Janelle House. The Bulletin was founded in 1901 and is currently located in Mountain at 16 West 6th Street Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653. The average circulation for the paper is 11,343 daily. The Baxter Bulletin features section in the paper on local, national, and world news, business, opinion, sports, arts and entertainment, and more.