Alabama Newspapers

Birmingham News

The Birmingham News is Alabama’s largest newspaper and has served the Birmingham community and over the last century has built trust with the people of this region. The Birmingham News has always been and will continue to be thorough, forthright and responsible with the news of Birmingham. So no matter where you’re reading us – in print, online or in the palm of your hand – know there’s a shared history in every word. The Birmingham News retains the largest media reach in the Birmingham Metro area, reaching over 346,000 readers each week.[1. Scarborough, 2015].

Huntsville Times

The Huntsville Times, Alabama’s third largest newspaper, has been serving Huntsville and the surrounding areas for more than 100 years and is the dominant media vehicle in the region. The core values of credibility, integrity sustainability, competitive spirit and passion are the driving forces behind The Huntsville Times’ strong relationship with its community. Reaching more than 147,000 readers each week, [Source: Scarborough, 2015].

Mobile Press-Register

The Press-Register is Alabama’s oldest and second largest newspaper, and strives to be the common point of contact where all of the Mobile area’s counties, cultures and communities interact with each other. The Press-Register is committed to reporting the truth, in print and online, offering Coastal Alabama the chance to realize its full potential and facilitating the understanding that gives rise to community progress. The Press-Register serves Mobile and Baldwin Counties, and reaches over 225,000 weekly readers[Source: Scarborough Research 2015 Release 1, Mobile CSA].

Montgomery Advertiser

The Planter's Gazette started in 1829. It became the Montgomery Advertiser in 1833. In 1903, R.F. Hudson, a young Alabama newspaperman, joined the staff of the Advertiser and climbed through the ranks of the newspaper. Hudson was the key figure for improving the financial situation of the newspaper, and by 1924 he owned ten percent of its stock. Hudson purchased the remaining shares of the company in 1935, and five years later he bought The Alabama Journal, a competitor founded in Montgomery in 1889. Ownership of the Advertiser eventually passed from Hudson's heirs to Carmage Walls, through Multimedia Corp. , and then to Gannett. The Alabama Journal would continue to exist as a local afternoon paper until April 16, 1993 when it published its last issue before merging with the morning Advertiser. The Advertiser, in October 2008, described itself as having been

Tuscaloosa News

The Tuscaloosa News is a daily newspaper serving Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA, and the surrounding area in west central Alabama.Since January 6, 2012, Halifax Media Group has owned The Tuscaloosa News. Prior to that the paper's owner was The New York Times. The New York Times Company acquired the News in 1985 from the Public Welfare Foundation, a charitable entity. The News had been donated to that foundation by its owner Edward Marsh, along with other newspapers he owned, before his death in 1964. The News has twelve-month average circulation of 32,700 daily and 34,600 Sunday.